Lifeline is the first game in the Lifeline series. It was released in the Apple App Store on the 16th of April, 2015.

Plot Overview Edit

You are contacted by Taylor, a science student who was experimenting with rats on the Varia, a spaceship. The Varia crashed on a desert moon killing all of the crew except for Taylor, and now you must help Taylor survive on this planet.

Version History Edit

1.0 Edit

16 April 2015

1.1 Edit

17 April 2015

Stay connected to Taylor with your Apple Watch.

1.2 Edit

28 April 2015

Thanks everyone for the absolutely fantastic response and quick bug reports. You've completely blown us away! We have some great fixes in this update:

  • Improved scrolling on Apple Watch
  • Fixed story typos & bugs, especially a part where you could get stuck by following a specific sequence of choices. If you got stuck here